Harmonize is not only a story book or a band. 

We have a vision of bringing people who love epic-fantasy stories, heavy metal, comics, games etc. together. 

Harmonize is a brand, Harmonize is a family!

– George Constantinou¬†–

Who we are: 

George Constantinou:
Founder & Manager of Harmonize
Story Writer
Band Member – Guitar/Music & Lyrics

Harrys Peratikas
Band Member – Drums/Music

Panayiotis Takides
Band Member – Bass/Guitar/Music

Lambros Apousianas
Band Member – Guitar/Music & Lyrics

Sozos Michael
Band Member – Vocals/Guitar/Music & Lyrics

Nicolina Papas
Storyteller/Actor/Story Writer

Arsenios Agisilaou
Music Production

George Kyriakides (The beer guy)