Harmonize were formed in 2012 in Nicosia, Cyprus by George Constantinou. They began as a thrash metal band, but gradually added heavy and power metal styles to their music.

Their first release was The Astonishing End in 2014 as a two-song demo, which was produced in Cyprus. Initially, 100 copies were released but were sold out within the first week. The band printed 100 more copies which were also sold out. 

In 2017, the band released an old demo song called Tonight

George envisioned the band as a conceptual act as early as 2016. Having developed a rough idea of the story on which their work would be based, he later on handed this project to its new author, Nicolina Papas in 2018, who has been writing material around a fantasy fiction story that the band aims to release as a series of novels. 

Being  active  in the local metal scene since 2012, the band appeared multiple times on stage at festivals and local gigs, including the Power of the Night Festival in 2015 & 2018 (Bonfire, Wotan, Blaze Bayley-ex Iron Maiden vocalist, Picture etc.) 

Harmonize released their debut album Warrior In The Night in October 2020. The self released album received excellent feedback and interest from all over Europe and the US, having added the band on the Metal Map. This first album acts as an introduction to the tale the band is developing as it is centered around one of many characters of their fictional story.

Whilst the band was promoting their full-length album, they also decided to join the Imaginations Song Contest by Blind Guardian, in which they succeeded by getting through to the final round, as Blind Guardian responded excitingly to the band’s cover of ‘Another Holy War’.

Current band members:

George Constantinou - Rhythm Guitars

George is the rhythm guitarist, founder & manager of the band. His vision for Harmonize is getting bigger through the years. His main influences are Iced Earth, Manowar, Iron Maiden, Amon Amarth and many more heavy metal bands. 

George is known not only for Harmonize and his guitar riffing skills, but also for his marketing skills, as he has run successful  campaigns for many well known companies and brands.

Lambros Apousianas – Lead Guitars

Lambros, was initially the vocalist of the Cypriot band DragonBreath, who in late 2012 shared the stage with Harmonize, in their debut live show. In 2015 Lambros joined Harmonize as the vocalist and performed live in  three shows. He contributed in the lyric writing, of both Warrior in the Night and Never Back Down featured in the Warrior in the Night album. He returned in 2019 as the lead guitarist of Harmonize. Modern day Clark Kent, Lambros is your average charming accountant during the day, who transforms into a super heavy metal rebel at night.

Sozos Michael – Vocals

Sozos is a power metal vocalist, who joined Harmonize in 2019. His influences include Blind Guardian’s Hansi Kursch, Sonata Arctica’s Tony Kakko, and Kamelot’s Roy Khan. The incredibly all-round physicist Sozos has performed vocals for American band Helion Prime and was featured in their second album. Sozos enjoys fantasy & science fiction books and films, long walks, multi-layered vocal harmonies, and puppies.

Harrys Peratikas – Drums

Harrys’ Heavy metal journey began, when he became a drummer of the famous Cypriot Band Armageddon Rev:16:16. Now being a professional Drums Instructor, having trained in the US as well as in Cyprus, Harrys Peratikas plays for Harmonize. Wishing to explore the black metal scene, he also joined the Cypriot band Temple Of Evil. Snake owner Harrys, isn’t only a metalhead, he is also obsessed with shisha and motorcycles.

Panagiotis Takkides – Bass

Ironically a guitar player for most of his life, Panayiotis is the bass player of Harmonize. He was Influenced by bands, such as Metallica, ACDC, Motorhead and Iced Earth. He always aspired to become a member of a Heavy Metal Band himself, having bought his first electric guitar at the age of 12. Although he studied Business and Management and has a Masters in Economics and Finance, he states that heavy metal is his whole world – a world he is always eager to explore further.