An epic fantasy fiction original story births the songs of Harmonize.

Originally written by George, Harmonize’s main source is a tale of kings and queens, blood and steel. Many listeners may relate to the story, as Harmonize wish to view fiction symbolically for obstacles and limitations, triumphs and victories, we encounter in our everyday life. 

This tale of vengeance speaks of a great prophecy that must be fulfilled, for equilibrium to be established around the world, to harmonize both light and darkness. 

The theme of darkness meets that of mystical mysteries, of sorrow and pain, betrayal and wrath, seeking a salvation one is desperate to achieve. 

Both the songs & the story are developed simultaneously as each mirrors the other. 

Warrior in the Night follows closely the journey of one of the main characters, a killing machine, who walking on the  path of darkness, battles his inner demons and is faced with alluring evil forces.

The songs describe his viciousness through battle and powerfully convey his emotions, when after a great fall he is asked to rise beyond darkness and decide who he wants to become.