Dreams made of Unicorns, Goblins and the Astral Hammer of Glory

Dreams of a young musician from Cyprus are coming true. Dreams where he’s performing for massive audiences all over the world. These dreams are made of unicorns, goblins and an astral hammer of glory! 

We indeed have something very profound to share with you. Our very own brother and lead singer, Sozos Michael is now touring as the new frontman of UK power metal band Gloryhammer.

Sozos began his metal career, when he joined US band, Helion Prime in which he received a lot of interest, recognition and positive feedback from metal fans all over the world. 

Sozos joined the Harmonize family in 2018 and is now working on Harmonize’s second album, in which he is exploring the plot of the concept and the emotional turmoil of the characters, further.

Being a fan of fantasy based concepts, Sozos is also singing and writing for Planeswalker, a ‘Magic the Gathering’ related power metal project.

As this machine of a man looks ready for battle in his new armour, he will be touring with Gloryhammer and continue his adventurous journey with Harmonize which has only just begun.

sozos michael gloryhammer angus mcfife

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