Interview & Review From Metal Hammer Portugal

The album: “Warrior in the Night” is our debut album. It is just a presentation to our world, to our sound and to the history that we develop. In short, it can be described as a power metal album, with traces of heavy metal from the 80’s and extreme influences. It tells the story of our warrior in an epic way. We want to reach out to the metalheads and invite them to join us on our journey, we want to see people interacting, feeling deeply or being touched by history and music. However, even perplexing reactions are welcome, as there is much more to discover and our aim is not to unravel everything for now. »

Concept: «The album is, in fact, a very conceptual work, since that is the path we have taken as a band. This debut album is just a part of the story we’re writing. The nameless warrior is one of the main characters. He is a figure seen on many covers and many metal songs, but we are giving him a story. Initially it is a cliché concept and artwork but it is epic – there is a world to be discovered.
To summarize the story, we have a brutal warrior fighting for revenge, for a kingdom he served. He is confronted by intriguing thoughts, temptations and dark entities. Slowly put the pieces together and discover your true powers. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s just a pawn in a vast prophecy.
The connection between the songs may still not make sense, but we are confident about the emotions they convey: sadness, anger, despair, power, greed, pain and love. »

Evolution and influences: «We used to consider our work as heavy / thrash and power metal but we have evolved a lot since then, adding more extreme elements, even doom. “Warrior in The Night” is an amalgamation of those genres. Our main influences are Amon Amarth, Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, Behemoth and many more. “Warrior in the Night” expresses our own style, which was created due to many different styles. »

Review: With compositions like “Warrior in the Night”, this Cypriot band burns slowly towards what it really is: energetic heavy metal with riffs that drink from thrash metal and melodies that relate to the most traditional and classic heavy with roots in the United Kingdom. That said, and taking into account the musical styles mentioned, solos are not lacking! Expect sturdy metal with some approaches to epic notions.


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