Message From HARMONIZE – 2021 Overview

Fellow Warriors, Another year gone by, A relatively difficult year, considering we weren’t able to perform live due to the pandemic restrictions. Since we haven’t been able to see you face to face and since many of our projects have been cancelled or postponed, we managed to figure out alternative ways to reach you. We […]

Dreams made of Unicorns, Goblins and the Astral Hammer of Glory

Dreams of a young musician from Cyprus are coming true. Dreams where he’s performing for massive audiences all over the world. These dreams are made of unicorns, goblins and an astral hammer of glory!  We indeed have something very profound to share with you. Our very own brother and lead singer, Sozos Michael is now […]

Heroism arises from the Hellenic Sphere – Album Review by Sonic Perspectives

For a relatively small nation within the European Union, Cyprus has fielded a fairly impressive metal scene with a diverse range of expressions, with a sizable plurality opting for the more extreme end of the spectrum. However, there are a few noteworthy underground acts that have lent their talent to the power metal sub-genre, with […]