Warrior in the Night album review by Metal Underground

With HARMONIZE we are dealing with another troop from the island state of Cyprus. The Heavy / Thrash / Power Metal faction from Nicosia has been active since 2012 but is only now delivering their debut album with “Warrior in the Night” . The triumvirate of genre elements is actually well mixed, although the listener will find that the Cypriots are in the traditional heavy corner.

The sound edges were provided with Thrashisgen fragments and this is immediately apparent on the first track “Never Back Down” . Doesn’t mean that we are dealing with a definite retro troupe in the form of HARMONIZE . The lessons were certainly intus, but in contrast, they were subtle enough not to drift completely into this area.

That stands for the approach with which the guys from the island nation banned their songs on this debut work. What really stands out is the fact that the guys don’t shy away from Doom Metal elements and some epic interludes themselves. This gives the songs the so-called special extra note.

The used and mixed arrangements stand for a good collection of ideas and on the part of the songwriting the guys have a lot of things that other bands of the genre can only dream of. This explains the long time until the actual release of a debut album since 2012.

The songs are dominated by powerful guitars, which I always settle somewhere between classic heavy / power riffing and embellished Thrash Metal. With melodic interludes and good additions to the pieces, the guys have packed a lot into their material that would fit them perfectly.

Where the mix of Power / Heavy and Thrash Metal with pithy riff attacks shapes the rhythm, it is complemented by successful changes. Especially with the epic breaks HARMONIZE show a good hand for melodic arcs and on the part of Sozo Michael a wonderfully adapted vocals.

A thoroughly impressive debut, in which I certify a great future in the Kuttenträgliga. The triumvirate of genre influences was connected with a lot of sense and the Cypriots show a good knack for songs that are long-lasting in the memory.

Conclusion: With “Warrior in the Night” the Cypriots HARMONIZE make a remarkable debut in the mixed genre Heavy / Power / Thrash Metal.

Release: 02/10/2020
Genre: Heavy / Thrash / Power
Rating: 4/5


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