Moshville Times Interview

Simple things first – where are you guys from? We are Harmonize and we are from Cyprus. How did you meet? We’ve known each other for a long time. Rhythm guitarist George is sort of the linking bond between us. He met our vocalist Sozos, at karate class when they were about 12. Lead guitarist […]


1)      Welcome guys! How things are going about Ηarmonize? Thank you for having us. We are very well, we released our debut album back in October and it is doing really well, selling worldwide. We’ve released two video clips and a few lyric videos and now we are driven to write new material for our next […]


1)      Hello guys! A great honor to host you. You are one of the best metal bands from Cyprus! How are you? Ha ha! Thank you very much. We are doing alright. At the moment we are working on new material. 2)      First of all, how do you feel about the label “power metal”. We definitely relate […]

Interview & Review From Metal Hammer Portugal

The album: “Warrior in the Night” is our debut album. It is just a presentation to our world, to our sound and to the history that we develop. In short, it can be described as a power metal album, with traces of heavy metal from the 80’s and extreme influences. It tells the story of […]


Hi, In Belgium and the Netherlands we are in lockdown due to covid19/corona. How is the situation in Cyprus? I guess this virus is not doing any good to a country that depends somehow on tourism?  You are absolutely right. Cyprus’ main pride economically is the influx of tourists every year. Lockdown means that this […]

HIGHWIRE DAZE – Interview with George Constantinou

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in HARMONIZE, and how long the band has been together. I’m George Constantinou and I play rhythm guitar. I also write and compose songs with the rest of the band. I founded Harmonize in 2012 but I happen to be the only original member in the band. We’ve […]

Breathing The Core – HARMONIZE about Warrior in the Night

Behind The Artworks: Harmonize – Warrior In The Night (2020) It was our plan to have the warrior in the night as the cover art for our album. A figure seen on many metal covers, heard about in many metal songs. However, we wanted to give him his own story. Remedy Art Design is the […]

Heroism arises from the Hellenic Sphere – Album Review by Sonic Perspectives

For a relatively small nation within the European Union, Cyprus has fielded a fairly impressive metal scene with a diverse range of expressions, with a sizable plurality opting for the more extreme end of the spectrum. However, there are a few noteworthy underground acts that have lent their talent to the power metal sub-genre, with […]

Warrior in the Night album review by Metal Underground

With HARMONIZE we are dealing with another troop from the island state of Cyprus. The Heavy / Thrash / Power Metal faction from Nicosia has been active since 2012 but is only now delivering their debut album with “Warrior in the Night” . The triumvirate of genre elements is actually well mixed, although the listener […]